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Gracefully innocent



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Charlotte Hendrickx is a producer - actress - entrepreneur, born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium. Growing up as an only child, forcing her to find ways to keep active on her own, she soon discovered a love for dance.


From an early age on she started taking ballet classes which eventually introduced her to world of arts and acting. A world she soon fell in love with!


Graduating college in 2016, with a degree in Human and Behavioral Sciences, Charlotte was ready to commit 200% and pursue her one true passion, bringing stories to life!


In 2017 she started her occupational arts training at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She spend two years honing her craft by observing and learning from some of the best! 

Her talent did not go unnoticed and in 2020 she gratefully accepted the invitation to the privileged Company Year of the Academy for an advanced training.


Since graduated Charlotte has been fortunate to be part of some amazing projects. She took the lead as Lauren in the multiple award winning short 'Here Lies Lauren',

had some commercial colabs with international fashion brands and became SAG - Eligible in short period of time.


During the sessions in front of the camera , Charlotte's interest in working behind the camera was also triggered, so it didn't take long before she started working as producer.

Meanwhile , she has multiple productions to her name like the short drama  'Heated' which she also directed and

the award winning 'Enough'. 

Charlotte has just completed 'The Spell that Backfired' in collaboration with Rayna Campbell.

A number of international productions are still booked but Charlotte is not allowed to talk about them at this moment.  


Definitely something to look forward to. 


Stay tuned!

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